Monday, June 10, 2013

Travel sickness?? Homeopathy and Natural remedies can help!

Travel (Motion) sickness is common for some people when travelling by car,bus, train boat or plane.Its very common in children.Adults too are affected by this condition.

Travel sickness occurs when movement disturbs the balance mechanisms in the inner ear.
Symptoms may be headache, discomfort in upper abdomen, nausea, vomiting and cold sweat.

How to prevent?

Avoid eating heavy meals before traveling.If you feel hungry choose to eat fresh fruits before traveling.

Avoid reading books and using gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, ipads etc while traveling.

Keep yourself stress free and relaxed. Deep breathing may help ease anxiety about travel sickness.

Homeopathy for help:

Cocculus ,Nux vomica and Tabacum are some of the remedies useful for motion sickness.Seek Professional guidance about which remedy and potency suits you well.

Natural remedies:

Lavender, Lime and Ginger Essential oils (single or as blend) may be helpful for easing the symptoms of travel sickness.Massage a few drops of any of these oil or blend, on the mastoids behind your ears.Or directly inhale the essential oil (or blend).