Monday, June 10, 2013

Travel sickness?? Homeopathy and Natural remedies can help!

Travel (Motion) sickness is common for some people when travelling by car,bus, train boat or plane.Its very common in children.Adults too are affected by this condition.

Travel sickness occurs when movement disturbs the balance mechanisms in the inner ear.
Symptoms may be headache, discomfort in upper abdomen, nausea, vomiting and cold sweat.

How to prevent?

Avoid eating heavy meals before traveling.If you feel hungry choose to eat fresh fruits before traveling.

Avoid reading books and using gadgets like mobile phones, tablets, ipads etc while traveling.

Keep yourself stress free and relaxed. Deep breathing may help ease anxiety about travel sickness.

Homeopathy for help:

Cocculus ,Nux vomica and Tabacum are some of the remedies useful for motion sickness.Seek Professional guidance about which remedy and potency suits you well.

Natural remedies:

Lavender, Lime and Ginger Essential oils (single or as blend) may be helpful for easing the symptoms of travel sickness.Massage a few drops of any of these oil or blend, on the mastoids behind your ears.Or directly inhale the essential oil (or blend).

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Styes and Homeopathic treatment

Styes are small boils that from at the base of the eyelashes, mostly due to bacterial infection.Styes may be painful.Styes are contagious and may occur in persons who are prone to stress and have low resistance to infections.

Self help:
*Avoid squeezing styes and rubbing eyes.
*Persons having styes should avoid sharing towels with others.
*Rest should be provided for the eyes.Avoid over strain  to eyes till the styes are cured.
*Warm compress may ease pain.

Dietary help:
Increase the intake of Antioxidant rich fresh fruits and vegetables.

Homeopathic remedies are effective in strengthening the immune system and are helpful in healing the infection speedily.Remedies such as Hepar sulph,Pulsatilla, Silica and Staphysagria are useful for treating styes.(The remedy and potency selection should be individualized to get best results).

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sore throat? Homeopathy can help!

Sore throat is a common ailment which may be caused by Bacterial or Viral infection, allergens, pollutants etc. The symptoms are Hoarseness, irritation and pain in throat, difficulty in swallowing, bad breath etc. Sometimes there may be fever, fatigue and cold symptoms accompanying sore throat.
 Dietary nutrients such as Vitamins A, B, C, D, E , folic acid, flavonoids, iron, magnesium and zinc can help prevent throat infections by strengthening the immune system. Take organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables daily to supply the needed nutrients.
Self help measures:
Avoid smoking and polluted atmosphere.
Avoid irritating food stuff, caffeine, refined/junk food.
Gargle with lukewarm salt water to ease the discomfort.
Drink adequate water. Water can be sipped frequently.
Honey can provide a soothing effect. Take a teaspoon of honey twice daily.

Homeopathy treatment strengthens the immune system. Personalized Homeopathic remedy selected on the basis of the individual’s symptoms may help in curing sore throat speedily.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Managing muscle cramps with Homeopathy

Muscle cramps are common  in adults and elderly people, usually affecting the calf muscle, muscles of foot, arm and back . The pain of muscle cramps may be excruciating and lasting for a few minutes to hours.
The probable causes for   muscle cramps are unusual strain , excessive exercise , sedentary lifestyle,  improper posture, dehydration, imbalance in the calcium and magnesium levels, poor circulation  and stress etc.

Preventive measures:

*Water intake should be adequate.
*Include more fresh  organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
*Follow a moderate exercise regimen.
*Practice correct posture.

Self help treatment:

*Gentle massage with Homeopathic Arnica cream/gel may ease the pain.
*Hot and cold compresses may be helpful.


Internal Homeopathic remedies not only relieve the pain of muscle cramps, but also reduce the recurrence. Homeopathy has good many remedies to treat muscle cramps. Seek the help of a Homeopathic professional to get advice about   individualized treatment for muscular cramps.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Homeopathy for scalp and hair problems


Dandruff, hair loss,premature graying and thinning hair are some of the common scalp and hair problems faced by men and women alike.Most of the hair and scalp problems are due to poor nutrition, stress, pollution and underlying illness,hormonal imbalance etc.Many people are not aware of treating their hair and scalp in a correct way.

Homeopathy addresses scalp and hair problems. Some of the remedies indicated for scalp and hair problems are Arnica, Acid phos, Badiaga,Graphites, Kali.sulph, Natrum.mur, Selenium, Sulphur,  Wiesbaden etc. Consultation with an expert Homeopath is needed to select a remedy which suits the individual’s  problems.

Tips to maintain healthy hair and scalp:

The diet should be rich in protein, carotenes, essential fatty acids, iron, silica, zinc, biotin, Vit C and E.

Junk food and carbonated drinks should be avoided.

Regular exercise can improve blood circulation to the scalp.

Avoid using chemical bleach,chemical dyes or coloring agents.

Choose  natural coloring agents like Henna and vegetable dyes.

Choose a mild Homeopathic/herbal shampoo and conditioner which suits your hair type.

Gentle massage to the scalp is beneficial.This improves the blood circulation and reduces stress. Homeopathic oils such as Arnica and Jaborandi can be used for massaging the scalp.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Homeopathic Treatment for Allergic Rhinitis

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