Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Managing muscle cramps with Homeopathy

Muscle cramps are common  in adults and elderly people, usually affecting the calf muscle, muscles of foot, arm and back . The pain of muscle cramps may be excruciating and lasting for a few minutes to hours.
The probable causes for   muscle cramps are unusual strain , excessive exercise , sedentary lifestyle,  improper posture, dehydration, imbalance in the calcium and magnesium levels, poor circulation  and stress etc.

Preventive measures:

*Water intake should be adequate.
*Include more fresh  organic fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
*Follow a moderate exercise regimen.
*Practice correct posture.

Self help treatment:

*Gentle massage with Homeopathic Arnica cream/gel may ease the pain.
*Hot and cold compresses may be helpful.


Internal Homeopathic remedies not only relieve the pain of muscle cramps, but also reduce the recurrence. Homeopathy has good many remedies to treat muscle cramps. Seek the help of a Homeopathic professional to get advice about   individualized treatment for muscular cramps.