Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Homeopathy for scalp and hair problems


Dandruff, hair loss,premature graying and thinning hair are some of the common scalp and hair problems faced by men and women alike.Most of the hair and scalp problems are due to poor nutrition, stress, pollution and underlying illness,hormonal imbalance etc.Many people are not aware of treating their hair and scalp in a correct way.

Homeopathy addresses scalp and hair problems. Some of the remedies indicated for scalp and hair problems are Arnica, Acid phos, Badiaga,Graphites, Kali.sulph, Natrum.mur, Selenium, Sulphur,  Wiesbaden etc. Consultation with an expert Homeopath is needed to select a remedy which suits the individual’s  problems.

Tips to maintain healthy hair and scalp:

The diet should be rich in protein, carotenes, essential fatty acids, iron, silica, zinc, biotin, Vit C and E.

Junk food and carbonated drinks should be avoided.

Regular exercise can improve blood circulation to the scalp.

Avoid using chemical bleach,chemical dyes or coloring agents.

Choose  natural coloring agents like Henna and vegetable dyes.

Choose a mild Homeopathic/herbal shampoo and conditioner which suits your hair type.

Gentle massage to the scalp is beneficial.This improves the blood circulation and reduces stress. Homeopathic oils such as Arnica and Jaborandi can be used for massaging the scalp.